ANDALUSIA 72, HILLCRESTEVERGREEN 50: O’Brien Curry had 18 points, Jacard Townsend tallied 12 and Quayshaun Benson added 10 for visiting, No. 2 Andalusia. James Maxwell had 13 points and Lyons added 11 for Hillcrest. Yes, I called it slop on a radio show and almost had a fit. As I told him, down here we value our meat and sauce is optional smoke it properly, and no sauce is needed. Drowned the meat in this disgusting sauce to disguise its weakness.

Johnson, originally from Trenton, NJ, is a 1998 graduate of the University of South CarolinaAiken (USCA) where he earned a Bachelors degree in Journalism/Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. He also earned a Master of Sports Science degree from the United States Sports Academy. Johnson was named to the NCAA Division II Peach Belt AllConference team in backtoback seasons in 1996 and 1997.

First of all, the Pixies highlight the lineup on Saturday, November. That should be reason enough to spend 1/9th of your day on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike. If you missed their glorious 2004 performance at Mizner Park in Boca Raton, here’s your chance.

She sells records and tickets, which is all the industry cares about. But she may be the last kind of royalty needed in a universe that needs to start looking like it wants to work with its customers/consumers instead of foisting fakes and frauds upon them. The Black Eyed Peas ought to be thankful for Swift performance or their highschool level exhibition would be the one most talked about and not in any good ways.

So, what we’re doing is we’re going to prepare for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’re a good football team in all areas. We’re going to have to play really good to win the game. No words, he wrote over the weekend. Love our fans so much. I know you guys aren stupid.

The Tough Decision: Joe Thomas will likely make the Pro Bowl, but I don think the Browns AllPro tackle had the same type of dominant year this season that he had in the past. The Browns running game was one of the worst in the league and Colt McCoy was under duress all season. D Ferguson and Jake Long two other fixtures on AFC Pro Bowl squads weren as good as Brown, Roos, and Whitworth.

I almost hate to answer the surprising question because that kind of implies some sort of preconceived stereotype of the player involved. What I could answer is that it may surprise some fans in retrospect that Jerramy Stevens was one of the best interviews on the team until his troubles continued to mount later in his career. But for his first year or two, he was one of the goto guys for a good quote.