My grades for regional teams (because nobody cares, but I have a blog): Bears (B) Wright was the pick they needed to add to the defense, yet Wootton is not. Was not same player last year after tearing ACL late in LeFevour will get a lot oftalk but he had to have dropped to Round 6 for a reason; Chiefs (A) Got most productive defensive player in the draft in Berry, while got a guard in Illin Asamoah that may start before year over. McCluster pick confused me a little; and Rams (B) Bradford was a must and nice WR in Gilyard who could be a future No.

On arguing with Dawkins: “I’m not going to be the guy that’s going to change his mind, and he’s not going to change mine. It’s the debate that’s never going to end. Science is never going to turn over a rock and discover that there is no God. It was only $100 higher for the 5 days! I double checked asked if that DEFINITELY included the $250 food and beverage credit and was told. “It is now $260″. Was it always $260? If not, for those already booked, you could check to make sure you are getting the full amount..

The book is also available at the local Barnes Noble. To noon Saturday at the Ronald McDonald House, 3402 Fort Worth. Guest are welcome for two free visits. White Lies has set themselves up quite nicely with comparisons to contemporary bands like Editors, Arcade Fire and Interpol, all bands that share a darker sound. People often like to say White Lies sound like The Killers, and hearing this just makes me cringe. I get it, the two bands can sometimes sound similar, but don’t give a new band like White Lies that unavoidable kiss of death by comparing their sound to the bland, hackneyed style The Killers play.

Stuck in a rut: Bills will again be without WR Josh Reed, who is the team’s best downfield blocker and best option to divert attention from bigplay WR Lee Evans. QB Trent Edwards has one touchdown pass, three interceptions, two lost fumbles, taken a safety and been sacked seven times the past two weeks. He’ll have to make better decisions against a third consecutive 34 defense.

With their 2nd pick in the 7th round of the 2013 draft, the Eagles selected former Oregon State CB Jordan Poyer with the 218th overall pick. That pick may turn out to be an absolute steal. Prior to the draft, a number of draftniks had Poyer rated somewhere in the 2nd4th round range on their “big boards:”.

And so we head for the final weekend. If you haven’t seen Medea and are free this afternoon, there is one more performance at 3pm today that you might be able to scrounge a ticket for. Also, this weekend are those all important Fringe awards, and we will have the winners here the minute they are announced.