2013 NFL Mock Draft: Full 1st-Round Selections Following NFL Week 3

With college football entering conference play and the NFL in full swing (now with real refs!), it’s a great time to start identifying which NFL teams need help and which college players can help www.nikekansascitychiefsstore.com/Authentic-Eric-Fisher-Jersey fit those needs.

As with any mock draft done in September, these aren’t predictions. Of course things are going to change. The draft order, the order of players and team needs are all going to change www.nikekansascitychiefsstore.com/Authentic-Leon-Sandcastle-Jersey (in many cases, drastically) between now and April. It’s the nature of the game and we love it.

However, that doesn’t mean these exercises are useless. It’s fun to think “what if” the draft happened tomorrow and it’s fun to throw opinions out there about what each team needs and see how readers respond. Every once in a while, a few of these might hit or be awfully close.

Most of all, it’s important to continue to “take the temperature” of all 32 teams as we go throughout the season and fine-tune the lists of college players. The work put in today informs what we know in April.