In many respects, we’re living in the golden age of analytics. As far as the NFL is concerned, however, we’re not done yet.

Just think about it. Politics aside, the biggest star of the last election cycle was the New York Times’ Nate Silver, who predicted both the electoral and the popular vote with stunning accuracy—even while being derided by pundits from every side.

In baseball, Mike Trout didn’t win the MVP award, but the sabermetrics crowd struck a number of large blows at the Luddites and exposed many of the voters as backward-thinkers. Miguel Cabrera would have been largely unquestioned as the MVP had he won the Triple Crown a decade ago.

In football, we have the Football Outsiders and Pro Football Focus. Both have worked with ESPN in recent years, and PFF was used by the New York Giants during last year’s Super Bowl run. Not only do both sites use stats to tell the story of what happens on the field, but they go so far as to assist (accurately) with fantasy football and sports betting.