Why Seahawks’ Hail Mary Win Is the Breaking Point for NFL-NFLRA Negotiations

That’s the one.

The image of one referee signaling interception while his counterpart signals touchdown while presiding over the deciding, final play of a nationally televised game has given the NFLRA the first true leverage in www.falconsnflofficialshop.com/Authentic-Steven-Jackson-Jersey the continuing standoff between the league and its referees.

All throughout the process, conventional wisdom has held that “the only way the NFL even begins to cave a little bit is if the replacement referees cost a team a game.”

Tonight, it happened.

Week 3 of the 2012 NFL season seemed to generate many more painfully bad calls than the previous two weeks, but Sunday night’s farce in Baltimore followed by Monday night’s travesty in Seattle has sealed the deal.

On a clear—CLEAR—interception, not only could the replacement referees not get the call right…well, OK. One of them did…but they couldn’t even get the interpretation of the simultaneous possession rule correct when the replay official buzzed down and had them look at it again. To make things even more laughable, the guy upstairs? He’s not a replacement official. He’s a league employee.