Bill Polian, General Manager: Most fans cringe when they hear this and immediately say no, but like it or not, Polian is the greatest executive in football history. He built the Bills team that went to 4 straight Super Bowls, quickly took the expansion franchise Panthers to the NFC Chamionship game in just their second year, and then built that Colts team that has 9 guys we’re looking at for the hall of fame. Forget about his last few years (which can be attributed somewhat to his son Chris as well) and look at his resume as a whole, and it’s pretty impressive. His case is kind of like Vinatieri’s – if a GM is going to get in, it will (or should) be Polian. Don’t overlook the fact that a lot of media people don’t like him, however, and while that shouldn’t factor into it, it probably does. I’ll say no for Polian at this point, but I think he definitely deserves it. Chances: 45%